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“When you are near habitat where there are butterflies and you observe them, you will see how the drawings in their wings give you joy and joy. Then the universe will tell you, that there are also human beings with wings as beautiful as those of butterflies. Humans whose beauty escapes the limits of our mind, all this has to be sought simply in the Inner Universe that we are each of us in potential “

The greatest gift you are – José Muñoz Fernández

Arash with the collaboration of Helena interpret the theme “ One Day “, with which we start the spring.…

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Best Places in Latin American That You Should Visit

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Have you ever thought about visiting the best places in Latin America? If you didn’t, you should pack up your bags to visit the place of ultimate adventures. The traveling is affordable for a long term plan in Latin America and there are overwhelming landscapes that will blow your mind.

There are different cultures to learn about and get connected with the people of different customs and interests. Here is the collection of really awesome visiting spots of Latin America.

Lake Atitlan

The lake Atitlan, Guatemala is one of the most beautiful places in Latin America surrounded by three amazing volcanoes. The beauty of nature is at best there and it is probably the immensely deep lake in the Central America.


Chile has a clean record of tourism and the natural beauty is overloaded there. The terrorism has zero threat over there and the scenery is breath taking.


Bayahibe, Dominican Republic is one of the sweet places where you have the opportunity to try scuba diving while enjoying the beautiful surroundings. The scuba diving around the amazing shipwrecks underwater is bliss.

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu, Peru is the city symbol of the historical Incan empire. There are plenty of mountains that hold amazingly beautiful scenery around them.

The hiking is very famous there and people from all over the world visit there to hike and enjoy the scenery with friends and family.

So, it’s tiring if you are not good a hiking. Get prepared before you go and visit that beautiful piece of land.

Uyuni Salt Flats

Uyuni Salt Flats, Bolivia is probably the world’s largest salt flat ever found on earth. Photography becomes awesome there because it’s the place where you witness the sky meeting the land.The professional photographers from all over the world love to take pictures over there because none other places on earth can be the compared to the unique beauty of Uyuni Salt Flats.

The professional photographers from all over the world love to take pictures over there because none other places on earth can be the compared to the unique beauty of Uyuni Salt Flats.

The Island of Capurgana

Island of Capurgana, Colombia is the favorite picnic point for the Colombians. The other good thing about that place is the peculiar prevention of motor vehicles usage.…

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Take a Look at the Short History of Latin America

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Latin America is considered to consist of South America along with Mexico and Central America including some islands of Colombia. Spaniards and Portuguese colonized to build this land with different experiences of people.

The weather of different areas varies a lot but still, people were sharing common heritage there.


The new arrivals of pre-Colombian America along with the Iberia have huge connections with the history of Latin America. Since the time of Columbus, the Spanish and the Portuguese people started calling the people of America “Indians” which mean the people from the state of India.

The Pre-Columbian Period

This period includes all the divisions of America before the Europeans appearance and their influence on the people of America. Indigenous Americas Cultures and their entire history is well covered by the Pre-Columbian period.

It refers to the time which preceded Christopher Columbus appearance. The Norse Colonization of North America is not usually included in this period.

Many civilizations established the permanent cities with settlement, earthwork and societal hierarchies. Some of these civilizations were early eliminated by the time at the arrival of enslaved Africans era.

Few records have been found of the civilizations like one had the name, Maya. There were very few documents that were saved in their original languages and many were transcribed into different other languages like Spanish etc.

Colonial Era

As soon as Christopher Columbus landed in America, the big sea powers of Europe send delegates to turn the people to Christianity and to build the special trade network system with the newly discovered world.

The religious purity was gripped by the Spanish crown through the flow of people and their frequent migration. The Spanish Crown always wished to push away the non-Christians and hence the colonial era of religion came into existence.

Religion in the Latin America

Religion was a huge issue which needed to be considered in everyday life. Throughout the colonial Latin America, there were many laws which based on religion and that created tons of disputes among different believers.

The major clash was between the African and Iberian culture which gave rise to witch’s prosecution.…