The Little Dead

"When love reaches the deepest part of its journey, 
at the top of its flight: in the deepest, in the highest, 
it tears out moans and moans, voices of pain, even if it is joyous pain, 
which I think well Nothing is strange, because to be born is a joy that hurts. 
Little death, call in France to the culmination of the hug, that ...
Breaking us together,
Losing find us
And finishing us starts.
Little death, they call it;
But great, great must be,
If killing us is born "
Some experts say that when they reach orgasm, some women lose consciousness for a few seconds. A sensation that the French call La Petite Mort.

"The little death was the name that the French described to orgasm, an instant of separation of the body, of movement and tranquility at once, of excitement and peace.As a word it has the root in the word" work "and has The same origin as words like allergy, energy, organ, etc. Hidden, shown, taboo, intimate secret, juvenile discovery, forbidden, male or female orgasm has always been at the center of many discussions. Decided to hide or extol it "

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